Meet the CEO

Umalie Collections founder and CEO, Jeneba Sillah has over 15 years of experience as a freelance hairstylist. Jeneba received her masters degree at The University of Toledo, and resides in Ohio with her son. She was born in Sierra Leone and raised in The United States. Her background in hairdressing, love for African culture and the diaspora inspired her to create a brand that recognizes various countries. Jeneba created Umalie Collections to tell a story. She wanted each of her pieces to represent her deep African roots and for people to learn more about Africa and the diaspora.

During graduate school, Jeneba found herself juggling her class work, part-time work and job as a freelance hair stylist. With the stress of everything, she struggled to maintain her own natural hair. After multiple periods of hair breakage, she embarked on a new journey to revive her hair. She started creating her own wigs as a protective style. She loved that her wigs were versatile and suited her busy schedule. Jeneba created Umalie Collections to give other women this experience.

Jeneba believes that women can express their individuality through hair whether they’re suffering from hair loss, they don’t have the time to take care of their own hair, or just want to change up their look. Jeneba stepped out in faith to build an all inclusive beauty brand. Her primary focus are stunning handcrafted wigs, versatile satin lined bonnets, and African inspired jewelry. She wants you to be inspired and join the Umalie team by supporting, liking and purchasing her handmade units.